EBO converts energy consumption data into euros, in real time and connected with the main energy markets (OMIE, OMIP, REE, ENAGAS)

As an energy ERP, EBO makes decision-making easy for general management, the finance department and the energy managers of a company without having to have technical know-how

The system of alarms and exporting of reports help companies comply with ISO 50001, the energy management systems standard

Spanish companies now have a new tool to help manage and optimise their energy consumption more easily, without having to fully understand electricity, water or gas. Energy Tools, Spanish companies now have a new tool to help manage and optimise their energy consumption more easily, without having to fully understand electricity, water or gas.

To do so, EBO (Energy Business One) is a software created from the real need to translate energy management into understandable information. It is true there is other energy management software available, but EBO is the first in the Spanish market to translate all the technical data into financial information.

The tool monitors and manages all the energy consumption used by a business, industry or organisation, updating in real time the information from the energy markets (OMIE, OMIP, REE, ENAGAS) and in accordance with legislation issued in the BOE, the Spanish Official Gazette. The accuracy is so real that the software can make a prediction of monthly utility bills with a margin of error in just centimes of an euro.

The platform is accessible by computer, mobile or tablet. This modular and parametrizable system can be integrated into other computer systems, such as SCADA or MES.

In addition to making it easy to understand the data, there is a customisable system of alarms to alert companies to the situations they need to manage in order to avoid shocks on the utility bill, such as alarms for reactive power or power surges.

The information is easily exported to all types of reports, thus making it easier to comply with the ISO 50001 standard for energy systems.

EBO facilitates not only the work of company energy managers, but also their general and financial management, providing complete monitoring of electricity, water and gas consumption in euros; precise estimation of the next energy bill to facilitate budgeting, offering real simulations; impressive savings, by having the best rates at all times and real-time monitoring of energy markets; and it also makes economic and financial decision-making easier about supplies, machinery changes, consumption by sites or centres, for example.

In addition, the optimization of consumption that EBO offers companies also makes it easier for organisations to be more respectful towards the environment, since they can reduce their CO2 emissions.

Jordi Rabat, CEO of Energy Tools, is extremely satisfied with the platform. “From now on, our clients will have the best conditions in the energy market available to them. Therefore, we will contribute to increasing the competitiveness of their companies in terms of savings and energy control”. Rabat adds, “I agree that what is not measured cannot be improved, but if it is measured and the information is not understood, then it cannot be improved either. Converting energy information into euros is a great leap forward. EBO also allows companies that are aligning themselves with the IoT (Internet of Things) to take a step forward with the IoM (Internet of Machines) and consolidate their move toward industry 4.0. EBO processes the information it receives from machines and transforms it into KPIs of all kinds, in addition to consumption.”

EBO has been functioning for several months in the companies of Energy Tools customers, such as: Gran Vía 2 Shopping Centre, Espuña, Gelatines Juncà or La Selva.
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