Energy management software usually speaks in kW, in energy values, which makes it hard for people in the company without the necessary technical knowledge to interpret the information. Alternatively, significant effort is called for to translate this information by those who occupy the functional role of energy manager in the company.

What sets EBO apart is the fact that it is expressed in euros and not just energy values, which for one thing frees up the energy manager from having to extract and translate the information so the financial directors and general can assess the situation of utility consumption. On the other hand, it allows energy data, vital in any profit-and-loss statement and productive activity, to help make decisions- in a range of financially significant matters: hiring, changing rates, investment in new machinery, expansion of production lines, etc.

Finally, the ease of exporting reports and creating technical and financial alarms makes EBO the most understandable energy ERP in the market.
Ferran Saura, energy manager of Espuña, explains, “Before I used to spend a lot of time extracting information, which I had to work through in order to make it understandable. Now I invest my time in analysis and decision-making and not in preparation and extraction. Filtering the information with EBO is very easy, and so is the configuration of the alarms. In other words, it gives me the electricity, water and gas information I need.”